AVT team wins chemPlant competition

  chemPLANT team © Song Zhai

AVT is the winner of this year’s chemPLANT competition: „chemPAPER: Contribution to sustainable pulp utilization“. The group consisting of Manuel Boßmann, Markus Driller, Hanne Goericke and Aishe Grotjohann presented a process for the recovery of fractionated lignin and other bulk chemicals from black liquor. The larger lignin fraction is a precursor for sustainable carbon fiber production and can substitute the fossil resources in the conventional process. Carbon fibers present a promising material in several applications, in the field of mobility, energy, and medical applications. The team presented their poster and pitched their ideas in a presentation at ECCE/ECAB conference in Berlin. A jury, consisting of industry partners and academics, and the audience could vote for the team. The RWTH students won the overall competition with their concept as well as an extra price for the best pitch.