Catalaix: Award of the Werner-Siemens Foundation amounting to over CHF 100 million are awarded for the future research center at the RWTH Aachen University

  Professor Jürgen Klankermayer and Professor Regina Palkovits Copyright: © WSS, Felix Wey

To mark its 100th anniversary, the Werner Siemens Foundation (WSS) in Zug, Switzerland, held an innovation competition for research into new technologies for the sustainable use of resources. The prize of 100 million Swiss francs for the establishment of a WSS research centre for the investigation of new technologies was awarded to the project "Catalaix: Catalysis for Circular Economy". The research team led by Professor Jürgen Klankermayer from the Chair of Translational Molecular Catalysis and Professor Regina Palkovits from the Chair of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry won the competition against 122 other submissions. Catalaix is supported by Professor Alexander Mitsos, Professor Andreas Jupke, Professor Jorgen Magnus and Matthias Wesseling from the AVT.

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