Posterprize for Andrea König

  Prof. Stefan Pischinger with Andrea König (AVT.SVT), winner of the „Best Poster Award“ and Jan Wiesenthal (ITMC), winner of the „Audience Award“. Copyright: Jan Wiesenthal (ITMC)

Andrea König (AVT.SVT) was honored with the poster prize on this year's “Fuel’s Science - From Production to Propulsion 7th International Conference” of the Cluster of Excellence “The Fuel Science Center”.

The poster "Model-Based Formulation of Biofuel/Gasoline Blends by Simultaneous Product and Reaction Pathway Design" by Andrea König, Maximilian Siska, Jörn Viell, Alexander Mitsos and Manuel Dahmen was chosen as the best poster from the expert committee.

On the poster, an integrated pathway and product design method is applied to formulate fuels that reach maximal biofuel content, are efficiently produced and, at the same time, fulfill key aspects of the current EU and US gasoline standards.