Posterprize for Maximilian von Campenhausen (FVT)


FVT Loop Reactor Wins Another Poster Award

Maximilian von Campenhausen (AVT.FVT) was awarded the poster prize at this year's DECHEMA Ascension Day Conference in Hamburg.

The poster with the title "Novel multiphase loop reactor (MPLR) for in situ extraction of biotechnological products" by Maximilian von Campenhausen, Philipp Demling (iAMB), Till Tiso (iAMB), Lars Blank (iAMB) and Andreas Jupke (AVT.FVT) was democratically rated best poster by the participants of the conference.

The poster presents a novel loop reactor for in situ liquid-liquid extraction of biosurfactants. The in situ product separation aims at preventing the discharge of the organisms by strong foam formation.

The project is funded by the BMBF.