Field trips in June

  CVT visiting Covestro AG Copyright: AVT  

Covestro AG

This year, the CVT research chair took 23 students to the Covestro AG in Leverkusen. After an instructive presentation, the group visited the technical center for industrial production of polyurethane foams. Most people will never have seen that different areas of application so close aside – who would have thought car seats and house wall insulation have so much in common?! During lunch, the students had time for discussions with Covestro employees. A subsequent visit of the chloralkaline production site highlighted the major differences in respective approaches taken by research and industry. Those who were not fully delighted by then were satisfied by visiting the gas diffusion electrode-manufacturing center to see what connects CVT and Covestro.



AVT.SVT offered its 7th field trip to BASF in Ludwigshafen to all the students. Overall, 23 students from various bachelor and master programs joined the trip, all of them being in contact with the AVT due to HiWi-Jobs or one of the many lectures. The day started with a guided tour through BASF’s visitor center. Afterwards, a bus tour through the chemical site was offered, including a visit to the acrylic acid plant. After having lunch, the students were divided into small groups, in which they had the opportunity for discussions with employees of BASF. In particular, the students also met some AVT-alumni now working at BASF. Finally, the participants also visited BASF’s center for work-life management.