21st generation of the Branntwein AG in the winter semester 19/20

  Picture of cider and slivovitz © Branntwein AG

Like every year, the Branntwein AG of the Institute for Fluid Dynamics (AVT.FVT) has started for 13 students of RWTH Aachen University.This year, the Branntwein AG was lucky to receive 30 kg of cherries and 30 kg of plums from Zentis. Therefore, we were able to try an experiment. Under supervision from the coordinators Katharina and Christian, a cherry cider and a plum wine were produced. The plum wine was later distilled to a classic slivovitz with 40 % vol. alcohol. The products were decorated with self designed labels and then presented to the institute of fluid dynamics.

Besides producing the beverages, the team learned about wine production as well as distillation in weekly meetings. Another highlight was a trip to the Edel-Brennerei Schmittmann GmbH in Düsseldorf. The distillery was founded in 1818 and produces korn schnapps, gin as well as liqueurs. The master distiller gave a tour and gave profound insights into the commercial process of distillation.

All in all, the last months were a great and unique experience for us. The 21st generation of the Branntwein AG says thank you to the AVT.FVT and goes home with their self-created products.