AVT Alaaf II: Of cans and MaWensburger Memory

  AVT colleagues dressed up Copyright: © AVT  

The countdown at 10 past 11 was counted out loud, when on Fat Thursday the Fools in the AVT were looking forward to the beginning of the carnival. The champagne corks and one came across roasts, meat rolls, vegetarian schnitzels and Barbecue cheese together. The BioVT staff had also – as a long tradition - this year a group costume true to the motto "Everyone needs a `Büchs´ (can)" with an allusion to the name of the head of the department of Bioprocess Engineering - Prof. Büchs. The colleagues from BioVT were dressed as cans - from fish to beer cans. The CVT had their first group costume: Memory. The memory "backside" was designed with the running lettering "MaWeburger" in corruption of the name Ravensburger and Matthias Wessling's abbreviation. On the back was the motif page, whereby two assistants always decided on one motif. There were very diverse motifs from wild collagen to Schrödinger's cats and photo-hopped memes. Promptly, in the foyer of the NGP² played a round of "CVT Memory", where our Home security officer Karin quickly won. Towards early morning the group then moved to the SuperC to visit rector Rüdiger.

We wish all visitors of our site a nice carnival 2020 and a good start to Lent! Oche Alaaf! AVT Alaaf! Collegial cooperation Alaaf!