Career Field Introduction – AVT from home

  BFE from home office © AVT

Career Field Introduction 2020 – AVT from home

Even though Corona is affecting daily life, the teaching activities at the AVT should not stand still. This is why the Career Field Introduction of 2020 was conducted online. Instead of the usual pretzels and beer get-together, this year, the students, the advantage of comfortably staying at home.

At first, Prof. Jupke and Prof. Mitsos gave a short introduction about process engineering in general and potential career fields. The presentation is still available on Moodle, so you did not miss anything. Afterwards the students had the opportunity to meet assistants of the different chairs in various zoom rooms and talk about life at AVT. Especially the student advice channel was popular, around 30 students were visiting during the event. The zoom rooms of the different chairs also had a good attendance. There, the students could also talk with the professors in person. One of the highlights was the alumni channel. There, former students and employees gave insights into their life in the industry. If the students had time afterwards, they had a look at the different spare time activities at AVT in the AG zoom room.

Hopefully, we could help you out regarding your choice of specialization. All information and the videos are still on Moodle. Of course, we are always available for further questions.