Aachener Sakebrauer 2015

Congratulations to the Aachener Sakebrauer 2015! Copyright: David Flitsch

Once more, the “Aachener Sakebrauer” participated with pride and great devotion at the international brewing contest in Hamburg. Already for the sixth time the contest brought several process engineering institutes as well as private brewing groups together to compete with their art of brewing. Due to the great popularity of the international brewing contest, the number of participating brewing groups had to be limited to 16. Since the first international brewing contest in 2010 the “Aachener Sake” counts as exceptional group with maximum an outside chance to win any award. Nevertheless, this year the sensation was finally made perfect: the expert jury was convinced of the Sake and chose our drink to be the best brew! This award was a huge and wonderful surprise for all of us. Because of this incredible success, the second award “life and soul of the party” (which we won already the second time in a row) declined somewhat. Thus, we were able to take two awards back home to Aachen.