About the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020


The "Global Bioeconomy Summit 2020" took place from November 16 to 20 as a digital event.

Experts from Fraunhofer IGB, RWTH Aachen, Scion, Bio Ball e.V., IINAS, IEA, VTT, JRC, Provadis University coordinated a workshop on "New Technologies as Accelerator of a Sustainable Bioeconomy" in Track 1 Science & Innovation. The workshop was moderated by CLIB 2021.

Keytopics of the vivid discussion were

  1. Biotechnology and Biorefineries as Accelerators in Bioeconomy
  2. Turning waste into values: New concepts for an Urban Bio-Economy
  3. Measuring, monitoring and assessing sustainability of bioenergy within the broader bioeconomy: State of the art and way forward into governance.

More than 100 participants contributed to the discussion on

  • Feedstock and (raw) materials,
  • Processing Systems for scale-up
  • Revealing the impact of biotechnology and synthetic biology,
  • Societal/environmental needs including political aspects and regulation


Recordings of the workshops and discussions are online on the summit website. The importance of the workshops has been underpinned by expert video messages from several countries .

The results of the interactive workshop can be found here.

Based on the exceptional involvement of participants workshop organizers decided to continue discussions at regular intervals.