Chemcar Competition

  Darstellung RWTHari Copyright: DECHEMA e.V. / Daniel Elke

This year's traditional ChemCar competition took place at the 32nd DECHEMA-Jahrestagung in Aachen.
In total seven teams including the TU-Clausthal, TU Lodz, HAW Hamburg, TU Dortmund, DHBW Mannheim, University of Bremen and the RWTH Aachen were lined up to win the medal.
All teams were prepared to cover a randomly drawn distance between 5 and 20 meters with their chemical driven cars. Prior to the competition, each team had to develop an innovative concept which was assessed during the competition according to three categories: creativity, safety and the placing in the race.
Finally, the competition ended in a three-way race between the Alunauten (TU-Clausthal) who came in 1st place, team Oktan (TU-Lodz) in 2nd place and RWTHari (RWTH Aachen) in 3rd place. The event was sponsored by BASF, Bayer, Covestro, Evonik, Inburex, InfraServ-Knapsack, Lanxess, Lonza and Merck. Special thanks to our individual sponsors AVENTICS and C3 Analysetechnik who provided a high pressure glass reactor for our ChemCar.