AVT Ph.D. student becomes Assistant Professor directly after his Ph.D. defense

  Copyright: © Artur Schweidtmann

On the 01.04.2021, Artur M. Schweidtmann will be appointed as the assistant professor of the newly created chair of artificial intelligence in chemical engineering at the Department for Chemical Engineering of the TU Delft.

The professorship wants to integrate new methods of artificial intelligence and chemical engineering. Focus of Arturs work will be innovative development of methos with the aim of development and optimisation of automated processes.

To this end, Artur will have ressources of the AI Initiative of the TU Delft. He will offer theses for students of the RWTH Aachen which can be sponsored by the IDEA League Research Grant.

We congratulate Artur and wish him all the best at TU Delft!

You can find further information on Arturs research here.