AVT involved in Kopernikus projects on integration of renewable energies


In the coming years, the changeover to renewable energy technologies will most likely raise numerous questions and challenges. In order to prepare for the turnaround in energy policy, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), together with industry and research institutions, has started a research initiative called “Kopernikus”. The AVT is involved in the Kopernikus subprojects “SynErgie” and “Power2X”. SynErgie aims to reduce energy production costs and simultaneously make industry processes more flexible in terms of energy consumption. Power2X investigates technologies for electrochemical conversion of electricity generated from renewable sources into chemical energy carriers like hydrogen, carbon monoxide or synthesis gas. These material resources can then be stored, distributed or converted into products or fuels.

All subprojects completed by “ENavi” and “ENSURE” are explained in brief videos. All videos and further information are available on the website of BMBF:


Kopernikus project SynErgie
Kopernikus project Power2X