Digital Aachen Membrane Course for Water Technologies 2021


Membranes represent an emerging market, especially in wastewater treatment and drinking water production. During the Aachen Membrane Course for Water Technologies 2021 from May 25th to 27th, scientists and industry representatives from all over the world took the opportunity of the digital course to learn more about the recent developments in a program of lectures, tutorials and a virtual lab tour. In three intense days, speakers of outstanding reputation and experience in the field of water and membrane technologies comprised theoretical and practical knowledge of membrane processes in the field of water technologies. Among the lecturers were Prof. Matthias Wessling, Prof. Stefan Panglisch, Prof. Thomas Wintgens, Prof. Christian Kazner and Peter Bolduan. Currently established technologies such as micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration (MF, UF & NF) as well as reverse osmosis (RO) were covered. Emerging technologies such as electrodialysis and trends like zero-liquid discharge received special attention.

We like to thank all participants and all speakers for their active contribution to the course and are looking forward to the next course in Aachen in 2023.


MCW Organization Team 2021

Ilka Rose, Niklas Köller, Susanne Offermann and Matthias Wessling.