Enthusiastic AVT participates in indoor soccer tournament

  Das AVT-Fußball-Team posiert vor dem Tor Copyright: AVT

Last Friday, a team of 9 players from AVT joined an indoor soccer competition against several departments of RWTH Aachen. This, the second "Metallugischen Fußballcup" (Metallurgic Football Cup), was organized by the Metallurgic Process Engineering and Metal Recycling (IME) department of the university. Sponsored by health insurance company Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), 12 teams participated in the soccer tournament. Each match enlisted 5 players per team, of which at least one must be female. Goals by female players were worth 3 goals.

The Department of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT) gained a convincing win over AVT in the first match, scoring 12 goals to our 4. In the second match, the AVT team's performance markedly improved, especially in defence, but nonetheless they suffered another loss. The score was 0:2. The AVT team's motivation levels peaked on the back of the two losses as they moved into the next, deciding game against the Institute of Plastic Deformation (IBF). At one point in the match, the AVT were ahead 3:1, but by the time the final 5 minutes arrived, the IBF team had staged a surprising comeback to level the score at 4:4. Unfortunately for both teams, they were both eliminated at this point. The LTT department went on to achieve a well-deserved victory, winning the cup for 2017.

There were some concerns that not all the teams stuck to the rules of the tournament, and it seemed that less and less female players were to be found on the soccer courts towards the end of the tournament.

Overall, the AVT team showed great solidarity during the tournament, only improving from one match to the next. And despite being eliminated early, there was plenty of enjoyment had by all members of the team. We are looking forward to the next indoor soccer tournament, the RWTH Hallenfussball Cup, in the middle of March, 2018.