Poster award for AVT.FVT in the BioSC project "InducTomE"

  The awarded Poster Copyright: AVT

The project partners from Jülich (IBG-2), Bonn (INRES and ILR) and Aachen (IBMG and AVT.FVT) received a poster award at the fourth BioSC Forum in Cologne on 28.11.2017 through their successful collaboration in the project "InducTomE".

The research aim of the interdisciplinary project team was the improvement of the bioeconomy of agrocultural residual biomass from tomato greenhouses by targeted induction of the secondary metabolites rutin (flavonoid) and solanesol (terpenoid).

After the success of the project, we are looking forward to continuing this cooperation in the BMBF funded project "TaReCa".