End of the year get together AVT

  Decorated Christmas Tree of the AVT Copyright: AVT

The decorated Christmas tree of the Aachener Verfahrenstechnik with a homemade ornament of the individual chairs.


To ring in the year’s Christmas Season, professors, workers and students from AVT gathered around the magnificent Christmas tree in the foyer of NGP² on the 6th of December. From the festive sound of carols to the warming comfort of traditional German Glühwein, this event offered attending scientists Christmas comforts alongside a tasty barbeque. As is the norm in the AVT building, enthralling conversations, making for exciting exchanges, ensued.

The indisputable highlight of the evening was the final decoration of the grandiose tree. The five professors of AVT added tailor-made ornaments to the tree that were prepared with great care by dedicated volunteers from each research chair. Professor Büchs contributed a model bioreactor-lantern, while a star made of fiber membrane tubes was brought by professor Wessling. Professor Jupke then adorned the tree with a garland made of reactor packings. Next, a delicate angel in a milky white robe practically flew from professor Gebhardt’s hands, with professor Mitsos finalizing the decorations with sparkling CD-tinsel. Afterwards, the professors marked the occasion by addressing the AVT-family with their best wishes for Christmas and the upcoming year.

This cheerful feast is a perfect demonstration of the collaborative spirit of the AVT chairs, who not only celebrate the end of an eventful and successful year together, but also combine their specialties to overcome all obstacles, moving together towards a successful 2018.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and best wishes for the new year,

your AVT Event- and PR-Team


End of the year get together AVT