Himberix and Nussix: The Branntwein-AG

  The Branntwein-AG Copyright: AVT

The now 20th generation of the Branntwein AG has finished destilling. The product convinces and we are pleased about the report of the participants of the Branntwein AG:

"This year too, wine and schnapps were successfully produced within the scope of AVT.FVT’s Branntwein AG. The 25 students of mechanical engineering, environmental engineering and biotechnology have been working since October on the production of alcoholic beverages. Thanks to the generous fruit donation from Zentis, raspberries were fermented this year. The raspberry-wine with 13% by volume got very good feedback at the tasting on Thursday the 25.01.2018. Contrary to the name of the AG this year no brandy, but a grain was produced. This was flavored with hazelnuts partly self-collected, partly donated by the Printenbäckerei Klein. The result is a 35% by volume hazelnut grain. The second big event next to the tasting was the excursion to the Sünner brewery. The group was enthusiastic about the professional and profound insight into the subject and gained a lot of practical experience. The Branntwein AG thanks the AVT.FVT for this great opportunity. "

We would also like to thank the participants for the delicious raspberry wine and the excellent hazelnut schnapps!


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