EFCE Excellence Award in CAPE for the Dissertation of Mirko Skiborowski

  Mirko Skiborowski

During the ESCAPE conference in Graz (June 10-13, 2018) Dr. Mirko Skiborowski, former employee of AVT.PT/AVT.SVT, was awarded the "Excellence Award 2018 for an outstanding PhD Thesis in Computer-Aided Process Engineering" by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering in the period 2015 - 2017. In his work "Optimization-Based Methods for the Conceptual Design of Separation Processes for Azeotropic Mixtures" he deals with the development of computer-aided tools and optimization-based methods for the design of separation processes for azeotropic multicomponent mixtures. Skiborowski is now group leader at the Chair of Fluid Process Engineering, where he deals with the topics of process synthesis and process intensification. Congratulations to him and his former supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt.