Students design Aachen as a HydroCity - together in a hydrogen society

  People in front of car © FEV europe

More and more countries around the world are striving for a transition to a so-called hydrogen society: a society with cost-effective and emission-neutral production of hydrogen as energy carrier, a distribution infrastructure and applications in the industrial, mobility and energy sectors. To ensure that this idea does not remain an illusion, 15 students developed a decarbonized "hydrogen district" using the example of Aachen North as part of the Summer School "A hydrogen society - plan your own HydroCity" organized by AVT.CVT. Through exciting lectures, workshops, panel discussions and an excursion to a benchmark center for fuel cell vehicles, the participants were able to learn about and develop the value chain of hydrogen as well as socio-economic contexts of a hydrogen society within the last two weeks. The students presented the final concept of their hydrogen district as well as concepts for social acceptance and sustainability strategy to representatives of the city of Aachen, professors and staff of RWTH Aachen University. The concepts were very convincing due to their creativity, innovativeness and technical maturity and reflect an important step towards a sustainable, emission-free future.