Not only theorists in AVT Chemcar team 2018

  Team working on Chemcar  

Home match. This year’s ProcessNet meeting took place in Aachen in mid-September. Beside the interesting conference program, the student ChemCar competition is knows to be the highlight of the meeting.
Seven strong teams were choosen for competition. Together with the German Team from HAW Hamburg, TU Dortmund, DHBW Mannheim, Uni Ulm and RWTH Aachen University two international teams from TU Lodz (Poland) and the Universitas Negeri Semarang (Indonesia) fought in Aachen to see who is best.

The goal is to develop a chemically powered vehicle (ChemCar) which drives specific distances as accurately as possible, where tracks range in length from 5 meters to 20 meters. Teams develop innovative drive, reactor and brake concepts which are evaluated in the three categories of creativity, safety, and race results.
Despite home match, things were not running smoothly for our Aachen Team the “NichtNurTheoretiCar”. Our ChemCar „Carl the Great“ was not very well. Because of leakage in the pipe system as well as Carl’s heart piece a Stirling motor we waivered participation in the run for safety reasons. Charmigly our team manager Nils revised the Team’s name to “TheoretiCar” while presenting the ChemCar.

However, we claimed a successful fifth place in the competition. This is due to Carl’s extremely clever and complex ChemCar concept which was valued by the jury. Carl’s core and heart piece is a Stirling motor with directly integrated reactors for a heat and cold reaction to power the motor. At the same time, the iodine clock reaction runs to stop Carl. The iodine clock reaction is a reaction which has an adjustable colour change. Self-made photo electronics detects this colour change which initiates two pumps to flush the reactors. Doing this, we eliminate the motor powering temperature difference and therefore stop Carl. Finally, the team UUlm of Uni Ulm won the ChemCar trophy with a perfect second run. Congratulations for your great performance!

This year, the ChemCar competition was supported by several sponsors: BASF, COVESTRO, Evonik, INBUREX, InfraServ-Knapsack, Lanxess, Lonza and Merck. We like to thank our sponsor of the HANS HERMANN VOSS Foundation. In the coming year, we look forward to innovative concepts and innovations in the ChemCar competition regulations in Würzburg.