AVT wins three out of six poster prizes

  The winners of the poster prizes Copyright: DECHEMA/Haas (picture alliance)"
  One of the poster prize winners Copyright: DECHEMA/Haas (picture alliance)

At this year´s ProcessNet Jahrestagung der Biotechnologen AVT received three of the six posters prizes.

The poster titled " Neuartiger Schlaufenreaktor zur in-situ-Extraktion von biotechnologischen Produkten" by Maximilian von Campenhausen, Benedikt Weber and Andreas Jupke was rated as the best poster by the team of experts. The poster presents a detailed process model that takes into account the complexities of aeration rate, reaction, and anaerobic residence time and simulates concentration profiles in a novel multi-phase loop reactor. The model will be used in future work on the design of the apparatus at a favorable operating point and was developed within the framework of the BMBF project "InBioSep".

  Christian Kocks wins poster prize Copyright: DECHEMA/Haas (picture alliance) Christian Kocks

Christian Kocks (AVT.FVT) received the poster award in the category “Energie und Rohstoffwende”. The poster “Elektrochemisch induzierte Kristallisation zur Aufreinigung von Carbonsäuren“ of Christian Kocks, Marcel Gausmann, Moritz Doecker, Tim Maßmann, Armin Eggert und Andreas Jupke was honored by a team of experts.
This innovative approach of driving a pH-shift crystallization by electrochemistry features salt-waste free recovery of carboxylic acid. This poster displayed results from feasibility studies conducted for the production of succinic acid form aqueous solutions. The idea of utilizing electricity for downstream operations was sparked by the BMBF project Kopernikus Synergie. At the chair for fluid process engineering we will further develop this promising approach towards novel and environmental friendly downstream operations.

  Moritz Begall Copyright: DECHEMA/Haas (picture alliance) Moritz Begall

A further poster prize was awarded to Moritz Begall, Adel Mhamdi and Alexander Mitsos (AVT.SVT). Their poster "Kopplung von numerischer Strömungssimulation und Kinetik zur ortsaufgelösten Modellierung von Reaktionen in kontinuierlichen Millireaktoren" was selected as the best entry in the category "Future Process Concepts". The poster describes how numerical simulations can help analyze and improve complex chemical reactors. Specifically, it highlights how modifying the reactor geometry influences the local reaction progress in different parts of the reactor. This research was conducted within the framework of the KoPPonA-project, which belongs to the BMWi-initiative ENPRO.


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