AVT awarded for the Micro and Nanoengineering Poster Price

  Graphical Abstract Copyright: AVT

The MNE CPH 2018 is known as Micro- and Nanoengineering Conference Copenhagen 2018. On this conference application in the field of electronics, photonics, electromechanics, energy, mobility, environment, life sciences, and biology are discussed. The main current activities in micro and nanotechnologies are structured in four main topics:

• Fabrication and Integration of Structures, Devices and Systems
• Physical and Chemical Principles and Applications
• Applications for Life Sciences
• Methods and Processes

The conference is three days long and features plenary, invited and oral presentations, posters and a commercial exhibition. In total the scientific program includes 5 plenary speakers, 17 Invited speakers, 98 oral presentations and 325 poster presentations with over 700 participants.

For the first time, the DWI Leibniz-Institute for Interactive Materials and the Chair of Chemical Process Engineering (AVT.CVT) participated at the conference and won the poster price on the topic „Fabrication and Integration of Structures, Devices and Systems“. The poster „3D Nanofabrication inside rapid prototyped microfluidics“ presented by Jonas Lölsberg and coauthored with John Linkhorst, Arne Cinar, Alexander Jans, Alexander J.C. Kühne and Matthias Wessling reveals new processes for the integration of small microscopic systems via two-photon lithography into larger rapid prototyped microfluidic channels. This new manufacturing principle will be used in future investigations on mass transport resistances at membranes within the framework of the ERC Advanced Grant - ConFluReM.

  Nano in Micro Poster