Fantastic chimeras in AVT.FOYER!

  Vermissaage Chimären © AVt  

With their "chimeras", Juliana Heidenreich and Martha Ferenczy-Kappel delighted over 150 visitors at the vernissage. Harald Kappel spoiled us with a lyrical and very informative introduction to the visions, materials and webs of the two artists. The sensitive harp accompaniment by Kolja rounded off the fantastic overall picture at the vernissage and transformed the AVT.FOYER for moments into a spherical dream room. Wonderful.

The works of the two artists deal with the sensitive combination of very different materials. For example, the cocoons of the silkworm, tree barks or silk are combined with materials produced by humans: Nails, smocks, shirts, fabrics, lead, gauze sewn, glued, nailed. Wondrous chimeras are created.

The way in which these different materials are combined in themselves occupies a large space in the creative process when Martha Ferenczy-Kappel sews her tiny cocoons into a huge coat. Juliana Heidenreich's large hanging chimeras give wings to the entire AVT.FOYER, light and floating.

For the exhibition, both artists have been collecting material from the AVT laboratories for 1.5 years for their works and combined it with their ideas of art, so that the entire AVT.FOYER is a grandiose chimera:

"ART meets AVT" has become.


The exhibition is currently closed due to the current situation, but it will run until february 2021. You should definitely come back later.