International Membrane Winter Summit

  Group photo Copyright: AVT   IMWS Banner Copyright: AVT

Membrane science and engineering has become an essential discipline to sustain life and contributes to energy efficient processes. While we observe a growing number of membrane conferences contemplating on current achievements, none of these events offers the freedom to think far beyond today. Hence the chair for chemical process engineering invited 25 visionary experts in the field of membrane science from industry and academia to shape the future of membranes. The 5-day meeting took part in a small Austrian town called Hopfgarten which welcomed us with a winter wonderland of powdery white snow and 5 days of sun. The conference program included pitch presentations to open evereyone’s mind and long discussions in plenary as well as small working groups to deepen the scientific impact and develop future trends. The social framework including move and relax activities on the skiing slopes and at cultural excursions offered a relaxed atmosphere to get in touch with each other and intensify the mutual exchange.

We want to thank all participants for their active contribution and especially favor the organization team consisting of Arne Cinar, Christian Linnartz, Susanne Offermann, Maik Tepper and Matthias Wessling.