AVT won both awards: 1st Aachen Hydrogen Colloquium


At the 1st Aachen Hydrogen Colloquium, AVT won both awards: Clara Marie Gohlke (AVT.ERT) received the Best Presentation Award, and Katharina Ebeling (AVT.SVT) the Best Poster Award.

  Clara Gohlke at the Hydrogen Colloquium Copyright: © Clara Gohlke  

Clara Gohlke was awarded for her presentation "Development of an Electrochemical Flow Cell for Performance Studies of Electrocatalytic Reactions". The subject was to design an electrochemical flow cell with an electrode area of 1cm2 for simultaneous activity and stability measurements of electrocatalysts. The aim of this is to be able to investigate processes such as water electrolysis more closely and thus make them more efficient. To optimize the cell design, the flow, concentration profile, and species flux at the electrode were simulated and experimentally validated for the final cell design.

  Katharina Ebeling at the Hydrogen Colloquium Copyright: © Katharina Ebeling  

Katharina Ebeling received the Best Poster Award for her poster "Towards more efficient hydrogen production: The prospect of replacing the OER with glycerol oxidation". The poster deals with replacing the anode-side water oxidation to oxygen (OER) in a hydrogen electrolyzer with the oxidation of glycerol. The different oxidation products of glycerol are compared on a thermodynamic basis, and the first experimental results of the project partner at ITMC (Sonja Mürtz) are presented. Both the experimental and the simulative results are promising.