Winner of the pan-European competition "EURECHA"

  winners EURECHA © AVT

In this year's student competition EURECHA (European Committee for the Use of Computers in Chemical Engineering Education), the AVT team won first place.

Congratulations to the students Mathis Heyer, Dion Jakobs, Jannik Bothe, Johanna Güttler and Jan Pavsek, who won with their design "CO2 Utilization under Intermittent Electricity Supply: Sorption Enhanced DME Synthesis with an Integrated RSOC Process“.

The team, led by Kaan Karacasulu (AVT.SVT), developed an innovative low-cost and environmentally friendly process to produce DME using wind energy efficiently.

Their results were presented at the ESCAPE-32 conference in Toulouse, France.

The results were summarized in a report that is available for download.

The presentation was recorded and is available on Youtube.