AVT spin-off BioThrust wins silver at the prestigious BioRiver Boost! start-up competition 2022

  Two People © Fotograf B. Lauter, Rechte BioRiver

The BioThrust team achieved a great success on 29.09. at the Qiagen site in Hilden near Düsseldorf: The two founders Konstantin Kurz and Patrick Bongartz held a convincing pitch in front of the jury made up of industry, academia, law and investors. Those interested can find it at: https://youtu.be/u4V98LTCuxc.

The jury said that they faced a tough decision between first and second place. "That's a great compliment, which we're very pleased about," says Konstantin Kurz, whose co-founder Patrick Bongartz describes the technology in short: "We make sure that no bubbles form in the fermenter that could damage the sensitive cells when they rise and burst."

With the BioRiver Boost!, the BioRiver e.V. aims to further strengthen the life sciences industry in the region and to promote access to leading specialists in science and industry for promising start-up projects, products and processes. Learn more about the BioRiver Boost! at https://www.bioriver.de/service/zugang-aktuelles/drei-disruptive-ansaetze-fuer-die-biotechnologie-und-medizin-sind-the-winners-of-the-start-up-competition-bioriver- to find boost-2022-1062.