Ph.D. researchers of the SynErgie project visit AVT

  Ph.D. researchers of the SynErgie project visit AVT Copyright: AVT  

On March 26 to 27th, the AVT invited the Ph.D. researchers from the SynErgie project to a two-day workshop in Aachen. The SynErgie project itself aims at a holistic consideration how a flexibilization of the electricity consumption of the German industry can contribute to a successful transition towards renewable energy sources. This includes the development of technologies for creation of industrial flexibility as well as the design of marketing possibilities for flexibility at the electricity market and the social and ecological assessment of the impacts. The workshop focuses on the interdisciplinary exchange between the Ph.D. researchers. Consequently, scientific contributions from a broad variety of research fields were presented, including electricity market design, optimization algorithms as well as experiments at test rigs. Besides, Prof. Alexander Mitsos offered a presentation concerning good scientific practice to the researchers. At the same time, the AVT had the opportunity to present itself as well as its research to a broad scientific audience.