Oral Doctoral Examination of Kristina Baitalow


On November 2, 2023, the oral doctoral examination of:

Kristina Baitalow
Doctorate in Dr.-Ing.

Topic of the Presentation:
"From Emissions to Economy - Technical Realization of Carbon Capture"

Topic of the Dissertation:
"Switchable Oxygen Depolarized Cathodes in Flexible Electrolysis Operation"

Date of Presentation:
Thursday, 02.11.2023
1:30 pm
A-005, NGP, Forckenbeckstraße 51, 52074

Oral Examination:
2:30 pm
office of Prof. Matthias Wessling, A-112, NGP, Forckenbeckstraße 51, 52074

24.10.2023; 08:00 am