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Jutta Friedrich
Process Systems Engineering


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Titel Author(s)
Glucose‐containing polymer rings enable fed‐batch operation in microtiter plates with parallel online measurement of scattered light, fluorescence, dissolved oxygen tension, and pH
Erschienen in: Biotechnology & bioengineering (2019)
Habicher, Tobias
Czotscher, Vroni
Klein, Tobias
Daub, Andreas
Keil, Daniel Timm
Büchs, Jochen
Introducing substrate limitations to overcome catabolite repression in a protease producing Bacillus licheniformis strain using membrane‐based fed‐batch shake flasks
Erschienen in: Biotechnology and Bioengineering (2019)
Habicher, Tobias
John, Arian
Scholl, Niklas
Daub, Andreas
Klein, Tobias
Philip, Priya
Büchs, Jochen
Polymer-based controlled-release fed-batch microtiter plate – diminishing the gap between early process development and production conditions
Erschienen in: Journal of biological engineering (2019)
Keil, Daniel Timm
Dittrich, Barbara
Lattermann, Clemens
Habicher, Tobias
Büchs, Jochen
Carbon- and nitrogen-limited cultivation of a protease-producing Bacillus licheniformis using membrane-based fed-batch shake flasks (2018)Habicher, Tobias
Parallel substrate supply and pH stabilization for optimal screening of E. coli with the membrane-based fed-batch shake flask
Erschienen in: Microbial cell factories (2018)
Philip, P.
Kern, D.
Goldmanns, Jennifer
Seiler, F.
Schulte, Andreas
Habicher, Tobias
Büchs, Jochen
An unstructured model of metabolic and temperature dependent cell cycle arrest in hybridoma batch and fed-batch cultures
Erschienen in: Biochemical engineering journal (2014)
García Münzer, D. G.
Ivarsson, M.
Usaku, C.
Habicher, Tobias
Soos, M.
Morbidelli, M.
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Mantalaris, A.
High-throughput nucleoside phosphate monitoring in mammalian cell fed-batch cultivation using quantitative matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Erschienen in: Biotechnology journal (2014)
Steinhoff, Robert F.
Ivarsson, Marija
Habicher, Tobias
Villiger, Thomas K.
Boertz, Jens
Krismer, Jasmin
Fagerer, Stephan R.
Soos, Miroslav
Morbidelli, Massimo
Pabst, Martin
Zenobi, Renato
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Steinhoff, Robert
Habicher, Tobias
Sarenac, Marija
Krismer, Jasmin
Boertz, Jens