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Lukas  Polte
Fluid Process Engineering


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Titel Author(s)
Integrated Process Design and Life Cycle Assessment of Carbon Monoxide Provision from Basic Oxygen Furnace Gas
Erschienen in: Chemie - Ingenieur - Technik : CIT (2022)
Hense, Janik
Bachmann, Marvin
Polte, Lukas
von der Aßen, Niklas Vincenz
Jupke, Andreas (Corresponding author)
Techno-economic analysis of a biorefinery process for the flexible production of gamma-valerolactone and 1,4-pentanediol (2022)Karacasulu, Kaan
Nöhl, Julian
Echtermeyer, Alexander Walter Wilhelm
Polte, Lukas
Kampwerth, Jan
Viell, Jörn
Jung, Celine Laura
Albrecht, Pascal
Osterthun, Ole
Klankermeyer, Jürgen
Jupke, Andreas
Mitsos, Alexander (Corresponding author)
Model-Based Simultaneous Solvent Screening and Column Design Based on a Holistic Consideration of Extraction and Solvent Recovery
Erschienen in: Industrial & engineering chemistry research (2022)
Kampwerth, Jan (Corresponding author)
Roth, Daniel Matthias
Polte, Lukas
Jupke, Andreas (Corresponding author)
Wood-based levulinic acid: Tackling challenges of biorefinery production (2021)Viell, Jörn (Corresponding author)
Polte, Lukas
Kampwerth, Jan
Karacasulu, Kaan
Echtermeyer, Alexander Walter Wilhelm
Osterthun, Ole
Mitsos, Alexander
Klankermayer, Jürgen
Jupke, Andreas