Sabita Bhandari

M. Sc.

Scientific Staff

Electrochemical Reaction Engineering


Building: NGP²

Room: B-221

Forckenbeckstraße 51

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Phone: +49 241 80 94859


Titel Author(s)
Effect of Experimental Parameters on the Electrocatalytic Performance in Rotating Disc Electrode Measurements : Case Study of Oxygen Evolution on Ni−Co-Oxide in Alkaline Media
Erschienen in: ChemElectroChem (2022)
Bhandari, Sabita (Corresponding author)
Narangoda, Praveen V.
Mogensen, Siri O.
Tesch, Marc F.
Mechler, Anna Katharina (Corresponding author)
One-pot synthesized, Fe-incorporated self-standing carbons with a hierarchical porosity remove carbamazepine and sulfamethoxazole through heterogeneous electro-Fenton
Erschienen in: The chemical engineering journal (2022)
Mohseni, Mojtaba
Zängler, Wibke
Demeestere, Kristof
Du Laing, Gijs
Bhandari, Sabita
Mechler, Anna Katharina
Yüce, Süleyman
Keller, Robert Gregor
Wessling, Matthias (Corresponding author)
Reduced formation of peroxide and radical species stabilises iron-based hybrid catalysts in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Erschienen in: Journal of Energy Chemistry (2021)
Shin, Dongyoon (Corresponding author)
Bhandari, Sabita
Tesch, Marc F.
Bonke, Shannon A.
Jaouen, Frederic
Chabbra, Sonia
Pratsch, Christoph
Schnegg, Alexander
Mechler, Anna Katharina (Corresponding author)