Daniel Bell

M. Sc.

Scientific Staff

Chemical Process Engineering


Building: NGP²

Room: A-230

Forckenbeckstraße 51

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 29944


Titel Author(s)
Catalytically Active Hollow Fiber Membranes with Enzyme-Embedded Metal-Organic Framework Coating
Erschienen in: Angewandte Chemie / International edition (2020)
Bell, Daniel Josef
Wiese, Monika
Schönberger, Ariel Augusto
Wessling, Matthias
Monodisperse Porous Microspheres with pH-Responsive Permeability and Reactivity
Erschienen in: ACS applied polymer materials (2019)
Bell, Daniel Josef
Roedder, Dustin
Wessling, Matthias
Tubular hollow fibre electrodes for CO2 reduction made from copper aluminum alloy with drastically increased intrinsic porosity
Erschienen in: Electrochemistry communications (2020)
Bell, Daniel
Rall, Deniz
Großeheide, Maren
Marx, Lennart
Hülsdünker, Laura
Wessling, Matthias
Metallized hollow fiber membranes for electrochemical fouling control
Erschienen in: Journal of membrane science (2019)
Bell, Daniel
Sengpiel, Robert
Wessling, Matthias
Artificial Oscillating Membrane Systems
Erschienen in: Smart membranes / edited by Liang-Yin Chu (Sichuan University, China) (2019)
Bell, Daniel Josef
Wessling, Matthias