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Chemical Process Engineering


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Titel Author(s)
In-Line Characterization of the Temperature-Responsive Behavior of Surface-Bound Microgel Coatings by QCM-D : A Novel Strategy for Protein Repellence Evaluation
Erschienen in: ACS applied materials & interfaces (2022)
Santi, Marta
Saha, Pabitra
Walkowiak, Jacek Janusz
Rubner, Jens
Wessling, Matthias
Pich, Andrij (Corresponding author)
Stimuli-Responsive Zwitterionic Core-Shell Microgels for Antifouling Surface Coatings
Erschienen in: ACS applied materials & interfaces (2020)
Saha, Pabitra
Santi, Marta
Emondts, Meike
Roth, Hannah
Rahimi, Khosrow
Großkurth, Johannes
Ganguly, Ritabrata
Wessling, Matthias (Corresponding author)
Singha, Nikhil K. (Corresponding author)
Pich, Andrij (Corresponding author)