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Christian Kneppeck


Chemical Process Engineering

Scientific Staff


Building: NGP

Room: B-207

Forckenbeckstraße 51

52074 Aachen



Titel Author(s)
On the interaction of electroconvection at a membrane interface with the bulk flow in a spacer-filled feed channel
Erschienen in: Journal of membrane science (2023)
Stockmeier, Felix
Stüwe, Lucas Maximilian
Kneppeck, Christian
Musholt, Stephan
Albert, Katharina
Linkhorst, John
Wessling, Matthias (Corresponding author)
Mitigating Water Crossover by Crosslinked Coating of Cation-Exchange Membranes for Brine Concentration
Erschienen in: Advanced materials technologies (2021)
Rommerskirchen, Alexandra Klara Elisabeth
Roth, Hannah
Linnartz, Christian Jürgen
Egidi, Franziska
Kneppeck, Christian
Roghmans, Florian Georg
Wessling, Matthias (Corresponding author)