The gas group looks at various processes, which fundamentally include gas separation, gas sorption or gas diffusion.
More specifically, the group deals with typical membrane processes such as compressed air drying, O2 addition and CO2 removal from blood in an artificial lung or high and low temperature separation of long-chain hydrocarbons with polymer membranes. Innovative processes, such as bubble-free aeriation in bioreactors using dense membranes, CO2 adsorption behavior in novel sorbents and gas distribution in electrochemical processes using gas diffusion electrodes, are also researched within the group. The interdisciplinary within the group makes it possible to build bridges, for example from the electrochemical treatment of CO2 to the in-situ purification of the desired product gas. This happens e.g. in so-called membrane reactors. In addition to the experimental facilities, the group has modelling tools for the simulation of processes in order to record the experimental results in models and thus enable further predictions of gas transport behavior.