Liquid Filtration



Johann Savinsky

Scientific Staff


+49 241 80 47917



The 'Liquid Filtration' workgroup investigates water treatment techniques in order to provide solutions to one of the global challenges of the 21st century, which is the management of water as an essential resource.

We cover different parts of the anthropogenic water cycle: drinking water purification, wastewater treatment and water recycling. Herein, we often link membrane processes with e.g. adsorption, biological or electrochemical processes. In various projects, we connect the development of novel process concepts and materials with pilot tests in a real environment. Therefore, we are in continuous exchange with numerous industrial partners, water and wastewater boards. In addition, the working group is involved in the Project House Water of RWTH Aachen University.

Selected current projects deal with water recycling from food and beverage industry (MBR, UF), decentralized drinking water purification after flooding (UF, adsorption), advanced wastewater treatments for micropollutant removal (MBR, AOP) and phosphorous recovery from wastewater (NF, crystallization).