itaconic acid crystals Copyright: © AVT.FVT itaconic acid crystals

At the chair of fluid process engineering crystallization of bio-based products like organic acids is investigated and optimized. The focus is on process design and the relevant thermodynamic data are determined. The integration of model approaches to flow diagrams based on MATLAB enable the evaluation of different processes with regard to energy as well as economic criteria.

With detailed models, based on a n-Monte Carlo approach the crystallization process can be displayed. A high level of detail can be obtained by displaying more dimensional crystallization processes. Kinetic parameters are determined based on experimental investigations. The level of detail and the development of the crystals can be determined by in-situ analytics such as FBRM.

The increased level of detail enables an efficient Up-scaling to technical lab scale compared to conventional population balance based approaches. Furthermore, the impact of process parameters can be analyzed and optimized. Existing model approaches will be transferred and adopted for the investigation and optimization of the design of crystallizers.