Multiphase Reactions & Processes

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Christoph Kabatnik

Scientific Staff


+49 241 80 95492



Novel bio-based processes and power-to-X technologies require innovative equipment and process design. One approach is to increase yield and conversion of reactions by using multiphase material systems. In equilibrium-limited reactions, for instance, in situ extraction can be used to remove the product directly from the reaction phase and thus increase the conversion. According to the same principle, unwanted subsequent reactions can be reduced or an inhibiting reactant can be introduced.

In the team "Multiphase Reactions and Processes" of the AVT.FVT, we deal with the development and optimization of processes with multiphase reactions. For this purpose, we build up a comprehensive understanding of the relevant phenomena on the different time and length scales of a technical apparatus.

This includes reaction and phase equilibria, intrinsic reaction and mass transport kinetics, and multiphase fluid dynamics (droplet size distributions, sedimentation, coalescence, and breakage) of reacting systems. In all areas, we further develop experimental methods to study phenomena and build models to describe these phenomena mathematically.

On this basis, we design tailored apparatuses and design new, innovative processes. In addition to increasing the efficiency of classical/petrochemical processes by means of multiphase reactions, this approach represents an important building block towards a bioeconomy.

Current research focuses are:

  • Experimental characterization of multiphase reaction systems (phase and reaction equilibria, mass transfer and reaction kinetics)
  • Experimental investigation of multiphase processes in a miniplant
  • Model-based screening of solvents, extractants and stabilizers
  • Development of a loop-reactor for bioprocesses with simultaneous gassing and in situ extraction
  • Modeling of polymerization reactions and reactors.

Experimental and simulative student research projects as well as bachelor and master theses are regularly available in the areas mentioned above. Please contact the corresponding person or have a look at the advertised theses at the AVT.FVT.