Job Openings

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Unsolicited applications

We gladly accept unsolicited applications for future projects. Applicants should have successfully completed a degree in process engineering, bioengineering or chemical engineering, environmental process engineering, biotechnology, technical chemistry or similar, or should complete such a degree in the near future. Please direct your application to Prof. Jupke.


Job postings

Current job postings for PhD or student assistant positions can be found on the AVT job openings page.


Student theses

We are offering students the opportunity to complete their internships, research and final theses at AVT.FVT and to participate in exciting research fields of fluid process engineering. Currently open theses are listed on the Student Theses page. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to contact the team leaders of our seven research teams directly.

Forschungsteams Teamleiter
Extraction Systems William von Westarp
Dispersion Sedimentation Coalescence Stephan Sibirtsev
Liquid-Liquid Columns Lukas Polte
Chromatography Thomas Fuchs
Crystallization Christian Kocks
Mulitphase Reactions & Processes Christoph Kabatnik
Electrochemical Separations Marcel Gausmann