iMem group

  Physics of Fouling Copyright: AVT.CVT



Theresa Lohaus

Scientific Staff


+49 (0) 241 80 29965



The iMem group (interactions at membrane interfaces) is involved in the investigation of interactions between membranes and substances. This includes, among others, research on fouling occurring in filtration systems, and analysis of the role that material and surface properties play on adsorption phenomena at membranes. By using macrofluidic reactors and simulative models, we investigate the fundamental variables that influence the accumulation of particles at membranes. We visualize changes in membrane properties via in situ analysis. This allows us to extract conclusions about the performance of different membrane materials. We are also involved in the development of new membrane geometries by using spinning- and 3D printing techniques. These geometries are intended to positively affect flow conditions in membrane channels. In addition, we combine enzyme and cellular systems with membrane processes.