Biomass conversion

  Main constituents of lignocellulosic biomass Copyright: AVT.SVT Main constituents of lignocellulosic biomass

The Biomass Conversion Application Group covers a wide application and research domain in production of biofuels and fine chemicals starting from various biomasses, such as algae and lignocellulosic biomass. The focus of the group covers the whole production chain ranging from the pretreatment of biomass to conceptual design of optimal processes and products, including second- and third-generation biofuels.

Specifically our research focuses on

  • understanding the fundamental physicochemical phenomena of chemical biomass pretreatment using ionic liquids, as well as organic and strong mineral acids
  • modeling various chemical processes that take place during the transformation of biomass to products
  • developing new methods and strategies to identify optimal synthesis pathways to transform biomass to biofuels and platform chemicals
  • conceptual process design and process optimization, e.g., optimization of separation sequences, for converting biomass to biofuels, including green jet fuel, and platform chemicals
  • developing of dynamic models for biorefineries for optimal operation and process control