Quantitative PCR Monitoring of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Bacterial Pathogens in Three European Artificial Groundwater Recharge Systems

Washington, DC [u.a.] / American Society for Microbiology (2009) [Journal Article]

Applied and environmental microbiology
Volume: 75
Issue: 1
Page(s): 154-163


Selected Authors

Böckelmann, Uta
Dörries, Hans-Henno
Neus Ayuso-Gabella, M.
de Marcay, Miquel Salgot
Tandoi, Valter

Other Authors

Levantesi, Caterina
Masciopinto, Costantino
van Houtte, Emmanuel
Szewzyk, Ulrich
Wintgens, Thomas
Grohmann, Elisabeth Sophia