BioLector Technology



Georg Wandrey

Scientific Staff


The BioLector Technology for the first time enables a real online detection of several analytes in microtiterplate format under shaken conditions. Through monitoring of process parameters like growth of 8microbial) cultures, product formation, DO, pH and many others, new possibilities arise in the area od high throughput experimentation.

We offer services in the following application areas:

  • protein expression studies
  • enzyme activity tests
  • enzyme activity tests
  • strain selection
  • fermentation parameter screening
  • media optimization
  • development of new (bio-)assays

Samorski M., Müller-Newen G., Büchs J., Quasi-continuous combined scattered light and fluorescence measurements: A novel measurement technique for shaken microtiter plates, Biotechnol.Bioeng. 92(1),61-68,2005 (abstract).