Process Synthesis Softwarecollection (Process Analysis and Design Routines)

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The process synthesis software collection provides source codes to support the analysis and design of separation processes. The source codes can be included in different software environments. The implementation is provided as an efficient C-code, which can be integrated into MATLAB or optimization environment GAMS by means of external functions.

The implemented functions include:

  • calculation and visualization for the analysis of multicomponent mixtures by means of different kind of thermodynamic property models.
  • shortcut methods for the evaluation of distillation-based separation that have been developed in the research group process systems engineering, AVT.PT – RWTH Aachen University.
  • models for the optimization of complex separation processes covering rigorous thermodynamics.

Although all prototypes have been tested during their development, we provide no guarantee in any way. All prototypes have been developed in the context of different research projects and without the intention of a dedicated software project.

The structure of the software is illustrated in the embedded Figure and described briefly in the box.

The process synthesis software has been developed till 2014 at the research group of process systems engineering, AVT.PT – RWTH Aachen University and is continued at AVT.SVT – RWTH Aachen University. The actual version has been released by process systems engineering, AVT.PT – RWTH Aachen University under the GNU General Public License GPL v3.0.