Graphical User Interface with Methods for Minimum Energy Calculation of Distillation, Extraction, and Absorption Processes

Energy efficiency is more and more determining success for the chemical industry. Thereby, active and global energy-efficiency-management and –benchmarking can significantly enforce innovations for entire separation processes or single separation devices.

The Energy-Efficiency (EE) Toolbox was developed to contribute to the Energy-Management system STRUCTese®. The toolbox supports the calculation of the energetically optimal operation point (Plant-Energy-Optimum – PEO) of chemical production plants. Methods for prevalent separation devices distillation, extraction, and absorption are implemented. The calculation of the minimum energy demand with robust methods allows the efficient and reliable calculation of the PEO for arbitrary production processes, and finally the efficient benchmarking of competing process options.

The EE-Toolbox was developed at the lab of process systems engineering by Christian Redepenning and Arno Saxena. Design and development was supported by partners within the project “Energy-Efficiency Management”. Funding by „Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung“ is greatfully acknowledged.

If you are interested in using this software please feel free to contact us.

Contents of EE-Toolbox:

  • Visualization of ternary and quaternary mixtures
  • Calculation and visualization of residue curves
  • Minimum energy calculation of simple rectification columns (RBM-method; Bausa, 1998)
  • Minimum energy calculation of heterogeneous rectification columns (RBM-method; Urdaneta, 2002)
  • Minimum energy calculation of complex rectification columns (RBM-method; von Watzdorf, 1999)
  • Algorithmic detection of separation boundaries of distillation of mixtures (PDB-method; Brüggemann, 2010)
  • Automatic evaluation of column sequences to separate zeotropic mixtures; Harwardt, 2008
  • Minimum solvent demand of extraction columns; Redepenning, 2013
  • Minimum solvent demand of absorption columns (in progress)