The Work Process Modeling System WOMS supports the C3 notation developed in SFB 476 IMPROVE, which is based on the activity diagrams of the Unified Modeling Language.

Thus, WOMS can be applied to both structured work processes (like typical business processes, but also the operational processes in a chemical plant) and less structured work processes (like design and development processes). Several case studies have demonstrated how industrial work processes can be improved using WOMS.

WOMS has been developed at AVT.PT until 2010. It has been released by AVT.PT under the GNU General Public License GPL v3.0.

The official branch of WOMS is now maintained by AixCAPE e.V. Below, you find  the current version. For further information, please visit the WOMS at AixCAPE.

A – Installer for Windows XP/7/Vista

This is the recommended download if you have administrator rights on the machine on which you want to install the tool. The actual installer is packed in a ZIP file.
WOMS modeler 1.0.3 Setup.exe

B - Zipped Executable

A zipped folder containing the same files as the installer. This can be useful if you cannot or do not want to install WOMS with administrator rights. It is not possible to run WOMS directly from the zipped file. Please unzip the file first, then run the executable bin\woms-win.exe.
WOMS modeler 1.0.3 Standalone.zip

C - Sources
WOMS libraries 1.0.3.zip