GUI of parsing tool © AVT.SVT GUI of parsing tool

Stoff3: Parsing tool for thermodynamic model parameters from AspenPlus ® in demanded command syntax of property input file

The implementations published on this website support a variety of different thermodynamic models. Many thermodynamic models are supported, like, e.g. NRTL or UNIQUAC to describe the activity coefficients, or the extended Antoine-equation to describe the vapor pressure.

The required parameters of the thermodynamic models can be provided manually. The demanded command syntax is documented here. The model-equations are taken from AspenPlus ® . Stoff3 represents a parsing tool which reads the parameters belonging to the supported model-equations from an AspenPlus ® report-file (.rep) automatically, and converts it to the desired command syntax. A brief guide to Stoff3 can be downloaded here.

Stoff3 was developed by Alexander Dohr during a trainee exchange from April, 12th to June, 29th, 2012 in cooperation with Arno Saxena. The work was supervised by Christian Redepenning.

If you are interested in using this software please feel free to contact us.