Cone optics for calculating CSP tower receiver flux distributions

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This software calculates the flux distribution on a flat-plate CSP tower receiver. The user provides an input file that defines a set of optional simulation parameters in a settings file. An example of this file, provided in the software with the name 'settings_PS10.txt', is printed here to illustrate the range of user options:

'latitude [deg]' 37.35
'longitude [deg]' 5.

'start day' 172
'end day' 355
'increment day' 30
'increment azimuth [deg]' 5.

'number of heliostats' 624
'heliostat position file' 'ps10.csv'
'heliostat width [m]' 12.84
'heliostat height [m]' 9.45
'heliostat discretization number' 5
'heliostat reflectivity' 0.88
'static heliostat optimization' .false.
'dynamic heliostat optimization' .false.
'static optimization design day' 1
'static optimization design hour' 0.

'evaluate cosine' .true.
'evaluate shading and blocking' .true.
'evaluate interception' .true.
'evaluate pond reflection' .false.
'insolation weighting' .true.

'results file' 'results.csv'
'append to results' .false.

'receiver height [m]' 12.
'receiver width [m]' 13.78
'receiver tilt [deg]' 12.5 (angle between normal and horizontal)
'receiver max incidence [deg]' 78.5
'receiver incidence interpolation [deg]' 1

'use elevation data' .false.
'elevation data file' 'elev_table_poko.txt'
'number of rows' 159
'number of columns' 253
'first row value' 0.
'last row value' 158.
'first column value' 0.
'last column value' 252.

'optical Gaussian standard deviation [rad]' 2.9E-3
'sun shape Gaussian standard deviation [rad]' 2.51E-3
'facet size' 0.3

'solar model alpha' 1.3
'solar model beta' 0.1 (0.1 = clear, 0.2 = turbid, 0.5 = very turbid)

'pressure [mmHg]' 1013.25
'saturation pressure [mmHg]' 1013.25
'relative humidity' 0.
'temperature [K]' 298.
'elevation [m]' 0.

In addition, the file "ps10.csv" is also included in the software, the first line of which defines the receiver positions, with subsequent lines defining the coordinates of the heliostats.